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Michelle and I

I was home alone and bored. I decided to go to our friends tanning salon to enhance my tan. Michelle owned the salon and was a family friend. Michelle was in her early forties and in great shape. At one time she was a feature stripper in Florida. She had big breast and a small waist, on a five foot six frame. Mom and dad met her about two years ago when she opened her salon in the area we live. Dad cultivated the relationship once she admitted to finding them attractive. It wasn’t long before she was in their bed and our group.

Michelle and I had a great friendship. I could ask her anything and she was not ashamed to answer. She told me how she had saved money to start her own business, so she could get out of the stripping world. Not only was she beautiful but smart also.

I got to the salon about 11am. Michelle was there alone in a mini skirt, halter top and heels. Even though she retired from stripping she loved to show off her body. The place had a few customers so I sat down to chat. 

“High baby, how is your day going?”

“Fine just thought I would stop by for a quick tan.”

“Sure, anything for you.”

We talked a little about who we were seeing and what was going on in our lives. The customers came out and shared a goodby and left. 

“Your mom and dad said we are having a party this weekend. I can’t wait.”

“Yes we are, but I would rather have some alone time with you.”

“That sounds great, Sara comes in at one so stop by the house about one thirty. I’ll leave the front door open.”

I agreed and got up to tan. I went to the room she assigned me, stripped and got in the tanning bed. All I could think about was her beautiful body and what we would do to each other. When the machine shut off I got dressed and walked to the front. Michelle was sitting behind the counter. I walked up behind her and cupped her breast. Her head leaned back against my breast while my thumbs rubbed her braless nipples. She moaned, enjoying the attention.

“I better stop while I can.”

“Yes, that’s probably a good idea. I’ll see you at my house in a little while.” I gave her a kiss and headed home.

Once home, I stripped and decided to get ready for some serious action. I took a shower and shaved my pussy. After a shower I applied lotion everywhere to make sure I was smooth and moist. I put on my make up and started looking for what to wear. I was sure Michelle would be in the pool so I put on a sheer micro bikini. I covered that with a sundress that buttons up the front. Picked out some heels and I was ready to go. I headed out the door excited about my afternoon.

I arrived at Michelle’s and found the door unlocked as she had said. I walked through the house to the back where I found Michelle floating at the steps in her pool. I could see here large nipples through the sheer yellow top as I approached. As I got to the edge of the pool I could see a little patch of hair just above her pussy through the sheer bottoms.

“Hey, girl you look so good.”

“Thank you now get your sweet ass in here with me.”

I unbuttoned my dress, kicked off my heels and got in next to her. As soon as the water hit the sheer material, my large pierced nipples were exposed clearly. The outline of my pussy was clear to see also. I floated next to her for a little while just relaxing. I couldn’t wait any longer. I sat on a step and leaned in to kiss her. She met me half way as my right hand went straight to her big tits. Her left hand went between my legs rubbing my pussy. We broke away from the kiss and I slid down her hips grabbing her bottoms and sliding them down her legs and off. She eased herself up the steps until her ass was on the edge of the pool. She reached behind her back and released the clasp freeing her big tits. I spread her legs and started licking her slit until her clit was exposed. I looked up and saw her lieing back on the deck pulling and tugging on her nipples. I worked her clit for awhile getting her hotter and hotter, then slid two fingers in her wet pussy. She let out a gasp of pleasure. I licked her clit finger fucking her harder and harder until she started cuming. I slowed a little letting her enjoy the orgasm engulfing her body. 

She sat up when it stopped, took my hand and walked me to the covered porch. She untied my top free my tits and pulled the strings allowing my bottoms to fall to the floor. She laid me on the large day bed, spread my legs and went straight to my already quivering pussy. Her tongue is so talented from many years of eating pussy. Her tongue is pierced and rubbed my clit perfectly. I was twisting under her expierenced tongue. She knew just what to do to make me cum. She was rubbing my pussy lips with her thumb as she continued to work my clit. She pushed her tongue deep into my pussy fucking me then would go back to my clit. 

“Right there, don’t stop don’t stop, fuck I’m cuming!”

My legs were shaking and as my body convulsed. As I laid there wimpering, Michelle reached over to a table a retrieved a nine inch strapon. She put it on and added some lube to the head. I looked up at her beautiful body with this thick cock hanging from the harness. I spread my legs as she knelt between them. She lift the heavy cock and started rubbing it up and down my swollen pussy lips. She slid the head in slowly, then pushed a little at the time until it was all the way in. She started fucking me as I watched her tits swaying. Harder and harder she fucked me until our bodies were colliding with each stroke. She held my legs wide apart as she kept drilling the nine inches into me. I was rubbing my clit feverishly knowing I was ready to cum again. Faster and fast she fucked me and then it happened. I started uncontrollably shaking, she pulled out and I covered her pussy and dildo, squirting. She immediatly went down on me sucking all the juices flowing from my pussy. I finally regained control, as she lifted her head.

“That’s why I love being with you, Ada.”

She laid along side of me for a few monet before taking off the strapon. She removed the nine in dildo and placed a ten inch in its place. It was a little thicker and heavier. 

“Her baby, I want you to fuck me with this one.”

I strapped up and started eating her pussy. She was wet from all the action, but I loved her taste. She pulled my head up to let me know she wanted to be fucked. I placed the large head on her pussy lips and started slowly pushing it in. She raised her hips in anticipation of the monster cock. Once the head was in the rest followed easily. I started a slow rhythm at first as I shoved the cock deep in her pussy. I increased the tempo and she was rocking her hips meeting every thrust. I knew she loved big cocks watching her fuck several before.

“Fuck me Ada, fuck me harder!”

I spread her legs wide and pounder her with everything I had. She was pulling on her big tits and meeting every thrust. I could feel her legs start to shake, so I slammed the big cock as hard as I could into her pussy. She let out a scream and started quivering all over. I burried the cock deep inside her as I held her shaking legs. She started to recover so I pulled out and rolled her over on her knees. She arched her ass in the air and I shoved the massive dildo back into her swollen pussy. She was pushing back against me with every thrust. Her big tits swaying under her. I could hear the collision of her ass and my pelvis each time I drove the cock deep inside her. She reached under rubbing her clit to another climax. This time she was done. She fell forward on the day bed quivering from the intensity of her orgasm.

After she recovered we got back into the pool to cool off. I told her next time I wanted the ten in dildo too. She just laughed and told me not to worry she had a better surprise for me. 

“Oh, really what could that be?”

“I invited Ant over to join us, he should be here within the hour.”

Ant is a regular at the strip club, my sister, Bree works at. He has attended a couple of our swing parties as Bree’s guest. He has the biggest cock I have ever seen. Eleven inches at least and as thick as your wrist. All us big cock loving girls enjoy when he is around. 

“Oh my god! I love fucking him and I know you do too.”

“I called him and asked if he would like to enjoy some cougar and kitten pussy. When I told him it was me and you he jumped at the offer.”

“Thank you, Michelle, this will be fun.”

From: Michelle and I .